DIY - 3D printable adapter ring for Voigtlander 35mm F0.9 Nokton lens built in 49mm filter

 This article is showing relatively simple DIY embedding filter mod of ultra-fast aperture Fuji X lens - Voigtlander 35mm F0.9 Nokton.

Embedded filter modification is allowing Voigtlander 35mm F0.9 Nokton lens to remain a bit more compact shape comparing to adding standard filter. It's also much easier to clean the resulting 45mm glass diameter comparing to much larger 62mm filter. You may still attach the regular 62mm filter to the stock filter mount (e.g. ND or CPL filters).

3D printable adapter

The 3D printable model is quite simple, it's also optimized for easy print for the rear seam not interfere with glass edge. Model can be downloaded from:

Modification steps

  1. Soften factory glue by dropping few drops of acetone into front filter thread
  2. Unscrew CCW front nameplate ring
  3. Extract glass from B+W 49mm XS-Pro slim UV filter (unscrew CCW retention ring on the rear filter side)
  4. Clean filter from dust, clean front lens glass from dust.
  5. Insert filter glass into 3D printed frame, then insert frame with glass on top of front lens module
  6. Screw in lens front nameplate in CW direction until it stops moving

The front nameplate is slightly elevated by about 1mm, though it doesn't not adding noticeable vignetting to the picture.