DIY - 3D printed hood mount protector ring for Voigtlander 35mm F1.5 Nokton Leica M mount lens

 3D printing is widely increasing opportunities for cameras and lenses DIY customizations. It took me some time to step into this area (big thanks to my brother OverSavior for teaching me 3D print tech and lots of useful hints).

In this article I'm sharing details about simple to 3D print hood mount protector ring for Voigtlander 35mm F1.5 Nokton Leica M mount lens.

The idea of crafting protector ring is triggered by numerous feedbacks from Voigtlander lenses owners on FredMiranda forum. Many people prefer the all black design of Voigtlander lenses (like Voigtlander 90mm F2.8 Apo-Skopar). The all chrome hood mount ring looks great but for many it's too distractive. Of course easiest way is to mount all black lens hood, but it's making lens larger and introducing extra rangefinder view obstruction.

I spent some time analyzing hood mount geometry and decided to design simple to print plastic ring with angled edges to minimize RF obstruction and completely cover chrome surface.

It took few try/error attempts, and the resulting protector ring is providing following features:

  • completely covering shiny chrome ring making lens all black and more discrete
  • protecting hood mount petals from accidental hits when hood is not in use
  • has sleek minimalistic design to minimize rangefinder obstruction
  • is easily mounting on with clockwise rotation like mounting on lens hood
  • has 41mm inner diameter allowing 39mm filter to be mounted on lens
  • easy 3D printable with no print support required thanks to angled inner walls

The all black lens style looks better when mounted on camera, and I like sleek lines of front area.

I'll be working on designing similar protector rings for other Voigtlander Leica M mount lenses, though other lenses are typically having much wider chrome hood mount ring comparing to aperture ring diameter so it is more challenging design.

3D model can be downloaded from my pages on:



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