DIY - 3D printed focus tab lever for Voigtlander type 1 Vintage Line lenses in Leica M mount

 This mini article is sharing custom designed focus tab lever 3D models for few Voigtlander lenses from Vintage Line series.

Cosina released series of modern Voigtlander lenses with excellent optical and mechanical performance encased into vintage style shape. Focusing ring is equipped with detachable focusing pin resembling the one used on older lenses.

Many photographers prefer to have consistency across lenses in Leica M mount that are typically having curved thumb focusing tab lever. Of course there are Voigtlander type II versions of same lenses with that type of focusing tab lever, though some may want to keep type 1 lens and looking for modification options. 

There are many aftermarket solutions, though most of them I saw are designed for straight cylindrical focusing rings. Vintage Line Voigtlander lenses have angular geometry of focus ring, so it took some time to precisely measure then prototype and design custom 3D model.

You'll need to find low profile bolt with same thread as original focusing pin. I usually find one taken off from one of very old broken Japan made lenses I repaired in the past.

The 3D printed focus lever feels great and brings that focusing comfort and feeling similar to when operating another lens with similarly shaped knob. So far I designed models for:

3D models are free for non-commercial use and remixes.