DIY - 3D printable angular 49mm and 52mm filter adapters for Fujifilm X100VI X100V X100F X100T X100S X100 X70

 This article is about another DIY 3D printable project - a custom designed angular filter adapter ring for Fujifilm X100 series cameras.

NOTE: All 3D models shared in this article are available for download and free non-commercial use.

49mm filter adapters for Fujifilm X100 series cameras

Main point of attaching lens filter to Fujifilm X100 series camera - is to protect camera sensor from the dust, which is impossible to clean due to non-removable lens design. Fujinon 23mm F2 lens has front optical module extracting when focusing, radial opening around that module are wide enough for dust to migrate first to aperture chamber and later to the sensor.

Back in 2014 availability of custom shaped third party made adapters was limited. I was modifying extended length aluminum 52mm-49mm step-down ring adapter to fit Fujifilm X100s, and that was quite an effort.

These days 3D printing is very accessible. It's easy to purchase small FDM 3D printer for fracture cost of the Fuji lens, the one I'm using is ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro purchased for $200 from their site. It took some time to learn basic 3D modelling in Blender software, now I can design and print prototypes much quicker and almost effortless comparing to machining custom aluminum parts.

Typical adapter is a 49mm-to-49mm ring about 10mm thick. Previous Fujifilm X100 cameras had shorter lens extraction range, but recent Fujifilm X100V and X100VI models require at least 9mm thick ring. My first attempt was to find existing models of 49mm thread and remix them into such 9mm thick ring with two 49mm threads. It took some time to polish and make the simplest 49mm Adapter Version I, which worked well but didn't look nice.

Few months later I learned how to craft bolt threads using Blender BoltFactory. It has limitation though of making maximum threads of 50mm wide only, however I later found how to scale sizing for making larger threads (like another popular filter diameter - 77mm). With a new knowledge I designed from scratch much better and sleek version of 49mm-to-49mm adapter with angular surface to repeat angular shape of Fujifim X100V camera lens frame. Here's 49mm Adapter Angular Version II 3D model.

This minimalistic adapter looks great when combined with thin profile B+W brass framed filter. Fujifilm X100V and X100VI cameras have many areas of "weather sealing" which only work well when front lens area is also dust-sealed with adapter+filter.

49mm filter adapter for Fujifilm X70 camera

I'm often shooting with much older ultra-compact APS-C Fujifilm X70 camera. It's hard to find them in good conditions these days, and there is same story - lens need to be protected with filter to safe sensor from migrating dust. I used to put custom made combo of filter rings with reverse mounted 49mm B+W filter. Now I'm using camera with a shorter modification of 49mm Adapter Angular Version II for X70.

52mm filter adapter for Fujifilm X100 series cameras

Just today I received very good question from Fuji X Forum Original - jknights (thank you!)

Few hours later I found time for prototyping.

I printed few drafts, and the first one with straight walls didn't look well to my taste.

That edge near filter doesn't look good ...

So I decided to challenge design to a new level, thanks to quite wide base of Fujifilm X100V lens. After few experiments and polishing I finally made much better 52mm Adapter Angular Version II 3D model.

Now the 52mm adapter looks like a natural part of the lens smoothly merging with base contours. Most important the 52mm filters are much more available comparing to 49mm diameter.

Even though 52mm filter is slightly wider than 49mm, but it looks surprisingly better on X100V (to my personal taste).

I've checked set of filters and realized that there is a B+W trimmed 52mm filter, so immediately tried it on X100V 52mm Angular Adapter. Brass frame is adding more vintage retro look to all black X100V.

52mm filter adapter for Fujifilm X70

Wider 52mm filter adapter also looks good on Fuji X70


Modern 3D print technologies became more affordable and easy to adopt. Thanks to large 3D printing community there are tons of free to use printable models of camera and lens accessories. You can invest into own 3D printer and significantly expand options of customizing your photo equipment to personal needs. Additionally you can experiment and create new 3D models and share them back to 3D-print community.

With this few successfully crafted custom 3D models of 49mm and 52mm filter adapters for X100 and X70 cameras I'm continuing DIY 3D print journey. It's lots of experiments and learning but also great way to dedicate hobby and creativity energy and create new interesting things.

I'm looking forward to explore more cameras/lenses DIY customizations. It's also more easy to create custom 3D printed accessories and supportive tools for easier lens disassembly.