DIY - hand grip prototype - Fujifilm X-E4 camera

Many review articles highlight Fujifilm X-E4 as “smallest Fuji X camera”. Yes, it has few millimeters cut here and there comparing to Fujifilm X-E2s, though in real life use that difference is negligible.

I have to admit that lack of front hand grip area makes Fuji X-E4 less comfortable to use when a bit larger and heavier lens is attached, e.g. adapted Leica M mount Voigtlander 40mm F1.2 lens. In this article I’m experimenting with making a hand grip prototype for Fuji X-E4 to address that.

I’ve cut thin brass plate of about 55x45mm, and shaped it to the Fuji X-E4 front area surface angles. Then I cut edges to mimic overall shape of Fuji X-E2s front grip, though made straight 45 degrees cuts that better fit X-E4 body design.

Plate edges are folded in few areas to have a 2mm border. That is needed for secure holding the grip cover which can be made of thick rubber or leather

I’ve cut piece of 2.5mm thick leather in the same shape as grip plate. Then I covered outer plate surface with thing double-sided adhesive tape and attached leather there. Finally I added thick and very strong 3M double side adhesive foam to the opposite side of grip plate and attached it to the Fuji X-E4 camera.

It looks a bit rough, but it’s just a prototype. It’s more important that by adding such grip plate with total elevation of about 4-5mm is significantly improving overall X-E4 grip while shooting. Camera sits in hand with very pleasant stable position, and hanging it down feels secure – it can’t slip out of fingers.

Camera shapes remain quite slim and compact with such minimalistic grip, but the level of comfort is boosting up high.

I’m going to actively use this Fuji X-E4 camera with grip prototype attached permanently for few weeks. That should help to understand how to improve the grip shape and if there are any potential questions to solve.