Disassembly – Fujifilm X-T4 camera Eyecup

 Fuji X-T4 camera has quite interesting eyecup mechanics with two lock levers. I think it worth showing more details on that implementation in this mini disassembly article.

I’m exposing process in a reverse assembly order for better visibility. One of the smallest part here is the tiny spring which requires most attention during assembly (it jumped to unknown direction few times and I had to search it on the floor). Other parts are more easy to put on place using precise tweezers. There are 17 parts in total in this eyecup!

First, put inside two largest metal plates as indicated on picture. Then locate pressing button plastic piece on top.

Put sliding lock pins in their sockets and attach metal levers.

Finally load sliding lock pins with tiny springs. That’s most challenging part of the assembly. As you can see the right lock pin below is loaded with spring. And the left one is not, staying in the button pressed unlocked position.

Now loading second lock pin with a spring. At this point accurately put large plastic frame inside and screw in four bolts.

It’s the most complex design of the eyecup I ever seen, and assembling it feels like working with a wrist watch : )


  1. Thank you for this! I got sunscreen on the eye cup & washed it off before I realized it was so complex. I didn't want to have water inside so I took it apart without taking pictures & realized it's REALLY complex.

    1. Glad it was helpful! Fuji X-T5 also has same eyecup, but for ocmpactness and simplicity of use with sunglasses I personally still prefer switching to the X-T1 slim eyecup.


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