Disassembly – Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 Macro (part II)

This article shows how to disassemble Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 Macro lens focusing mechanics and access aperture chamber for lens cleaning. You may want to check initial disassembly steps first in this article on Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 disassembly - part I.

After removing mount ring (check the first article), I’m unscrewing two bolts and taking out ring with SN.

Then it’s time to unscrew three board bolts and accurately disconnect four ribbon cables.

Remove aperture ring (1). Be careful – contacts are fragile (on zone 2), and there is spring loaded small ball (zone 3).

Then unscrew two bolts and remove rear lens module.

 bolts and remove autofocus drive module.

It is time to release two secured ribbon cables.

Unscrew bolt and remove metal plate securing lens core position sensor, accurately pull the sensor from socket.

ATTENTION: it’s very important during assembly position and secure this sensor as close to the lens center as possible. When I reassembled lens first time it caused camera error “Turn camera off and on”, because sensor couldn’t detect lens core on “infinity” focus position. I was thinking that accidentally broke one of ribbon cable and had to disassemble lens again, scan every cable to realize that they are fine. Finally I’ve noticed that sensor can sit far from proper position, and adjusting it fixed the problem, lens works excellent again.

Then unscrew bolt and lift up metal plate securing cable controlling lens aperture.

Flip the lens and take out front naming plate ring (check the part 1 disassembly article for removing two front inner rings first). It’s made of thick metal and secured with adhesive tape. Then unscrew three bolts.

Remove the front ring and focusing ring.

Then unscrew small bolt on the outer ring.

Watch the contact when removing ring. First you need to rotate it about 10 degrees CW. (Ignore opposite arrow on picture, I took it when assembling and marked that way).

Remove the ring.

Unscrew bolt on the edge of front area.

Then unscrew front plate CCW to about 15 degrees and pull it out. ATTENTION: it’s important to memorize in which exact position it should come back, mark it with pen or scratch on plastic.

Now unscrew bolt holding focus ring sensor, and pull it out.

Accurately split the core frame, watch the ribbon cables and help them to come out.

Rotate outer helicoid focuser ring to release thread pins.

Then remove pins.

NOTE: picture above shows incorrect assembly position of helicoid focuser ring, during assembly make sure you put it back like on picture below. There is small goove (area 1), it should fit the line (marked by arrow 2, above the socket for ribbon two cables)

Pull out helicoid focuser ring. Now you can take out inner lens core, make sure ribbon cable goes out properly.

Now you can remove three screws to access aperture chamber.

Another look at the helicoid focuser ring.