MOD - compact lens filter for Fujifilm X70 camera

 Like all Fujifilm X100 series cameras their smaller X70 version has multiple third party adapters on the market allowing to attach lens filter. However there is more compact and nice looking option.

All you need:

  • empty frame from inexpensive 49mm filter
  • slim B+W 49mm brass nano filter
  • original front ring of X70

Once attached in a reverse direction to the Fuji X70 lens frame filter is protecting camera from the dust entering the front element border areas while focusing. It’s also easier to clean the filter comparing to lens.

First you unscrew camera front ring, then attach 49mm filter frame, then 49mm filter, then camera ring on top.

There is enough space for focusing front element to move without touching filter surface even at closest focusing distance (that didn’t work with Fuji X100 cameras due to longer movement of lens core, but works perfect for Fuji X70).

Now X70 lens is protected and front ring is on place helping to keep genuine style Fuji designers created.