DIY - Durable and simple to make leather camera strap

 20 minutes guide on making custom camera strap. 

For this strap you will need:

  • Durable leather belt or leather purchased in craft shop.
  • Leather puncher tool, leather scissors, ruler, metal file, pliers, cutters.
  • 2mm thick copper or stainless steel wire, or metal rings of similar size to listed in the article.

Guide steps for smaller rings

1. Purchased 1.5″ wide and about 3.5ft long genuine leather in the hobby shop. It’s durable leather and is about 2mm thick.

2. Cut that belt into three strips of 0.5″ width. So I have three strap templates now.

3. Punching hole at the ends of strap. Slightly smoothening strap edges with Dremel tool.

Strap can be located upward or downward on the camera eyelet.

4. Making two rings out of 2mm copper wire with 0.5″ outer diameter, and connecting strap to the camera. I’m using durable roller pen to form a perfectly shaped spiral.

ATTENTION: copper can interact with your skin, so it’s much more safe to use stainless steel rings instead (I did that before as well). I personally just like how copper looks so using it for my straps.

Then I’m cutting two rings out of spiral.

It’s better to open rings wider and grind edges to be more smooth. I’m using file for that.

Finally ring is inserted into camera eyelet and secured.

With this mounting you can also rotate strap to downward position.

NOTE: this strap easily holds X-T2 + XF 100-400mm lens (tested for about a year). However the punched holes may become wider over time (1-2 years) so for better safety with heavier lens I’m making copper ring with 0.5″ inner diameter and also passing strap through ring after connecting.

Guide steps for larger diameter rings and more secure connection

I’m using larger diameter marker to shape wider spiral.

After cutting rings I’m checking that strap fits the inner diameter.

Now securing strap while faced downward – in this case ring will not touch metal surfaces of camera.

Strap can be folded up easily and holds camera securely.