MOD - Custom grip and blocking Q-button – Fujifilm X-T30 camera

Fujifilm X-T30 camera has “Q menu” button located in the rear grip area and is often accidentally pressed without noticing. It leads to unexpected menu pop up and blocking nice shots. In this article I’m showing few DIY options to workaround that issue. Fortunately Fujifilm released firmware update 1.10 that allows to assign “Q menu” to another Fn button, so now this “Q” button can be just physically blocked.

UPDATE (Jun 21): Fuji recommended way of “disabling” Q button by setting it to “none” doesn’t prevent menu pop-up on long press. But if you set “Q” button function to AF-ON it solves the problem of accidental long-press (thanks for this hint to

Greybeard2017 from dpreview forum).

First attempt was to make brass cap. I took plate and shaped it around the button leaving some space so it can’t be pressed.

Then I decided to make another plate to cover larger area and also make larger grip surface. This time it is going to be secured with double-side adhesive tape, and longer bolt under the right strap holder.

It sits firm, blocks Q button and provides better grip. However brass is not the best material to hold especially if it’s colder outside. I’m going to cover it with leather.

Now attaching plate back to Fuji X-T30 camera and securing with longer bolt.

Surprisingly now it is much comfortable to hold camera, I wish Fuji just make firmware update to completely lock the “Q” button. But now it’s even better with larger grip. If I really need to use “Q” button it’s possible to cut the hole in the plate to make button accessible, but I’ll keep it as is and use for some time to test the grip stability.