DIY - flat strap connector for Fuji X camera

Default camera straps are great and secure but usually having quite thick connectors. Most Fujifilm X cameras also have large extra pieces to protect camera paint from scratches. People often switch to more compact options or custom solutions. Few years ago I’ve tried couple of custom quick release hook types, and also firm ways of securing camera strap. They worked great without any flaw, though I was still looking for even more slim and compact connection.

Classic Japanese swords have interesting way of securing handle – there is tiny bamboo stick called mekugi. It works like a bolt holding metal sheet inside of wooden handle. Mekugi is quite small but does the job great. In 2015 I used similar way of securing leather strap on Fuji camera – by putting long bolt and two brass pipes in eyelet connector.

Leather strap is nicely secured and camera grip is more pleasant. It worked great for me for last 2.5 years.

Tsuba – is another interesting part of Japanese sword, it guards the hand. It also plays important role in securing sword handle. I’ve involved that part into connecting system. It made possible to redesign bulky bolt into more slim version of mekugi. But single metal stick would not keep it’s place securely, so I’ve shaped it in form of Greek lowercase Epsilon letter. So I’m calling it “Epsilon Lock” : )

First I’m making oval hole in the leather strap and putting it on camera. Below you can also see small brass metal plate – that’s my Tsuba for Fujifilm.

It’s the first prototype so hole is not perfectly shaped to fit eyelet pin, but it doesn't really matter for this experiment.

Now I’m inserting Epsilon shaped wire Lock into Fuji eyelet.

Then I’m securing the lock by slightly bending ends using pliers. So it can’t accidentally move out.

Look from the top, it’s quite slim connection.

When I'm holding camera, strap is just repeating grip contours.

It allows to open SD card door.

Here’s the look when strap is in use, leather is nicely bending up.

And now adding second left-side connector.

View from the front.


  1. Beautiful design, very well done! Is the metal part made from brass, about 2mm thick?

    1. Thank you for the feedback, the brass plate is 0.9mm thick.


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